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2021 Competitions

Young Artist

Peiyao Cheng, First prize

Cristian Dohler Rodas, Second prize

Crystal Kim, Third prize


Collegiate Soloist

Bryn Werley (Gettysburg College), First place

Matthew Ober (U of Maryland), Second place

Selia Myers (U of Maryland), Third place



Elementary Division

MayLeigh Graves, First place

Kaitlyn Lippman, Second place

Cynthia Tan, Third place

Junior Division

Gianna Baker, First place

Joanne Fan, Second place

Jayden Lee, Third place

Senior Division

Helen Freeman, First place

Madeline Choi, Second place

Audrey Lawrence, Third place


Mid-Atlantic High School Flute Choir

Zoe Bockman, Maggie Clarke, Jenna Facer, Haley Gruwell

Jiwoo Hwang, Athena Konidaris, Neha Krishna, Julia Lavine

Audrey Lawrence, Morgan Lynch, Allison Mattice, Ying Meng

Ethan Onstott, Juri Sho, Marie Yoon, Elizabeth Zinzell