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After Work Flute Camp

After Work Flute Camp 2020 Video Collaboration

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15th Annual After-Work Summer Flute Camp

A Music Camp for the Busy Adult Amateur Flutist

Summer 2021


The Adult Summer Camp was designed by The Flute Society of Washington to give the busy adult amateur flutist a summer camp in the evening.

We offer two tracks: one for the adult flutist who has been playing 2 years or less and another track for the intermediate/advanced flutist. Each group will work on one or two flute choir pieces. Alto, bass and contrabass flutes are always welcome, along with C flutes and piccolos.

As part of your tuition, you may take a 30-minute lesson via Zoom with either of the camp coaches. Lessons are held prior to the start of each evening's class, either 5:30 PM or 6:00 PM or at a mutually agreeable time.


Check back in spring for more information.