Junior Flute Choir

Junior Flute Choir

Mid-Atlantic Flute Convention
February 15-16 2025


The FSW Mid-Atlantic Junior Flute Choir offers advanced young flutists in grades 6 through 8, who have been studying privately for one full year or more, an opportunity to perform at the Mid-Atlantic Flute Convention.

This Junior Flute Choir is unique in that its young members will work with and be directed by the composer of the composition performed, as well as perform alongside an adult piccolo and low flute section drawn from established flute choirs. In addition, this choir serves as an introduction to the FSW Mid-Atlantic High School Flute Choir.

  • Each student should discuss participation with their private teacher before filling out the online application.
  • FSW Membership is required of both the student applicant and their private teacher.
  • Each private flute teacher can recommend up to three (3) students.
  • Registration closed December 15, 2024.
  • The choir is limited to 25 members.

Participation Requirements

Participation is based on the following criteria:

1. Studied privately for one full year before registering for the Junior Choir.

2. Online private flute teacher recommendation which includes the check list listed below. Students should have accomplished the check list before registering for the choir.

a. clear tone
b. clean articulations
c. good intonation and able to tune oneself
d. range: low C to G3
e. able to play chromatic scale and major scales up to 4 flats and 4 sharps
f. rhythmic accuracy of dotted eighths/sixteenths and also even sixteenths

3. An uploaded audio file (mp3 or mp4a audio files only - no videos) which must include the following:

a. a two octave G Major scale and a two octave D chromatic scale; articulation and tempo at private teacher's discretion
b. a ONE (1) minute solo or etude of choice (no less)

4. Students MUST attend all scheduled rehearsals. There will be a full morning rehearsal and a warm-up rehearsal before the concert which is required of all participants.


Other requirements:

  • Attendance at both rehearsals and the concert is required.
  • Each young flutist and their private flute teacher must be an FSW member in order to participate. (student membership fee is $20.)
  • The deadline to register for the Junior Choir is December 15, 2024.
  • There is no additional fee to join the Junior Flute Choir, except a current FSW membership and convention registration.
  • Junior Choir applicants should not sign up for the Festival Flute Choir on the convention registration form.
  • The deadline to register for the FSW Mid-Atlantic Convention is typically in January.
  • The choir is limited to 25 members.