Mid-Atlantic High School Flute Choir

Competition 2025

Mid-Atlantic Flute Convention
February 15-16, 2025

Applications open September 1, 2024
Applications close November 1, 2024 at 5:00pm EDT

Mid-Atlantic High School Flute Choir

The Mid-Atlantic High School Flute Choir is open to all high school students in grades 9-12 who attend school or are home-schooled in a Mid-Atlantic state as defined in the 2025 General Competition Information, Rules and Regulations. Members of this choir are selected on the basis of a recorded audition. Selected choir members are required to attend all scheduled rehearsals over the convention weekend, no exception. Music written for flute and keyboard must be recorded with both instruments (piano or music accompaniment track).



  1. Online application and fee, $15.
  2. Submit a recording containing:
    • a chromatic scale, three octaves, sixteenth notes at metronome marking ♩ = 80; slur up the scale, tongue two/slur two down the scale and the required repertoire.
    • C Flute (required by all applicants):
      1. Berbiguier, No. 4 Allegro in d minor from 18 Etudes, (any edition)
      2. Joachim Andersen, No. 2 Moderato in a minor (with 1st/2nd ending) from 24 Etudes, Op. 33 (any edition)
    • Piccolo (required by all applicants wishing to play piccolo):
      1. Ernesto Kõhler, No. 13 Andantino, Più mosso (mm. 1 - downbeat of 41, end on first B-natural) from 35 Exercises for Flute, Op. 33, Book 1 (Any Edition)


*Applicants are subject to all rules and regulations on this page as well as the 2025 General Competition Information, Rules and Regulations. 

Updated 3/2/2024