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FSW Hosted E-Blasts

Do you have a message you would like to share with FSW members?

The Flute Society of Washington is now accepting requests to send your message through FSW hosted e-mail messages, or "E-blasts."

The FSW offers hosted E-mail blasts as a service to those wishing reach out with to send a message to our members and mail list regarding events, services and products.

Payment must be made online before the blast is sent.


  1. Hosted E-blasts can generally be sent out in within 5 business days of receiving the formatted file, subject line and url.
  2. Maximum width should be 650 px
  3. Include blast subject line, Maximum characters 50
  4. Include url for E-blast link


  1. Microsoft Word Document: document should contain pre-formatted text and embed images within the document with standard fonts only (Times New Roman, Arial, Helvetica).
  2. HTML File: The html document must utilize email-friendly html only (i.e. no javascript, iframes, background images, or other advanced code) and CSS styles must be inline. Please include images pre-sized and in the same directory as the html file.
  3. JPG or PNG file

Not familiar with creating your E-blast content? Use an app (free) such as Canva.

Link to upload blast content file is found on your confirmation email.

Notice: The Flute Society of Washington (FSW) requests any person or organization submitting content obtain the necessary licenses and permissions before submitting the content for a hosted E-blast. Failure to obtain such permission can result in a refusal from the FSW to send the he E-blast. The FSW also reserves the right to refuse any E-blast submission it receives for any reason. Those sending E-mail blasts and their representative agencies are directly responsibly for the content they submit for E-blasts and agree to indemnify the FSW from all claims and expenses associated with their E-blasts.


E-Blast Discounted Fee for Members


E-Blast Fee


E-Blast Order Form