Piccolo Master Class Performers

2025 Competitions

Mid-Atlantic Flute Convention
February 15-16, 2025

Applications open September 1, 2024
Applications close November 1, 2024 at 5:00pm EDT

Piccolo Master Class Performer Competition

Biennial rotation, held in odd years 

Piccoloists of the highest caliber will be selected to perform in the class at the Convention. Piccoloists who performed in the 2023 Piccolo Master Class are not eligible to participate in the 2025 Piccolo Master Class. Competitors can record either an unaccompanied solo, solo with piano, or 3 standard orchestral excerpts for the class. Music written for piccolo and keyboard must be recorded using both instruments. Applicants must reside or attend school in a Mid-Atlantic state as defined in the 2025 General Competition Information, Rules and Regulations. Staff accompanist will be provided at no fee to the selected performers. There is no age limit for this competition.


  1. Online application and fee, $25.
  2. Submit a recording containing music the applicant wishes to perform in the class, if selected.
  3. Recording must not exceed 10 minutes.


*Applicants are subject to all rules and regulations on this page as well as the 2025 General Competition Information, Rules and Regulations. 

Updated 3/2/2024