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Piccolo Master Class Performers

The Flute Society of Washington, Inc.


Mid-Atlantic Flute Convention

Piccolo Master Class Performer Competition

Biennial rotation, held in odd years (next competition 2023)

Competition specific rules:

Piccoloists of the highest caliber will be selected to perform in the class at the Convention. Competitors can record either an unaccompanied solo, solo with piano, or 3 standard orchestral excerpts for the class. Music written for piccolo and keyboard must be recorded using both instruments. Applicants must reside or attend school in a Mid-Atlantic state as defined above. Staff accompanist will be provided at no fee to the selected performers. There is no age limit for this competition.


  1. Application fee $25.
  2. Submit recording containing music the applicant wishes to perform in the class, if selected.
  3. Recording must not exceed 10 minutes.